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38572 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I fell in my small garden attempting to trim a tall bush. I could not get up. Tried for 20 minutes, then I pushed Life Alert bracelet, so glad I was wearing it. Even though I could not speak into it or hear [EMT’s] respond, an [EMT] appeared within minutes and did a fine check over me. No injuries, just poor balance. Also my 3 sons received the call on their cell phones and pulled in shortly after the [EMT’s]. After expressing concern, we celebrated the success of Life Alert on my first use of it. Hope it’s my last!

H.J., Mundelein, IL

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, I was ill with a stomach virus. I hit the [Life Alert] button because I couldn’t even hold water anymore and needed to get to the Emergency room. The operator was so patient and wonderful. She reassured me and made the effort to locate the contact members on my list.

C.L., New York, NY

The Life Alert staff helped me in my situation. They took my vitals, I seemed to be okay. They gave me some good advice. My experience with Life Alert was positive. They were courteous, helpful and respectful.

F.F., New York, NY

My father fell out of his bed trying to get on his bedside commode. He cut his head and was bleeding very badly, required a blood transfusion. I was assisting him and pressed the [Life Alert] call button. Life Alert called the [EMT’s] and stayed on the line until they arrived. Life Alert provided excellent help.

F.A., Lubbock, TX

After I pressed the [Life Alert] pendant, they stayed with me as I waited for [EMT’s]. After [EMT’s] came [Life Alert] talked to them until they were ready to go. [Life Alert] was very helpful.

S.R., Reading, PA

I experienced chest pains, called Life Alert. EMT’s were here within a short time and applied emergency procedures.

O.R., Indianapolis, IN

I was in my backyard and I fell hit my head against the fence. Lots of blood. I called out for help. Finally I remembered in Life Alert, pressed many times. I could hear the phone, but couldn’t answer. Finally, EMT’s showed up and took great care. My family was notified and I went to the Hospital. Thank you.

K.H., Modesto, CA

I fell in the kitchen and couldn’t get up. Life Alert stayed on the phone until help got here, which kept me relaxed. The [EMT’s] were through and very kind.

L.A., Baltimore, MD

I fell in May 2017, and have used Life Alert several times since. [Life Alert] is ever so helpful. My daughter had to talk me into getting [Life Alert], but now I’m happy I listened to her.

M.B., Roswell, GA

All at once I was having difficulty breathing, could not get my breath. My [children] say I blacked out, they thought I was dead; they pressed the [Life Alert] button. Life Alert sent [EMT’s] out right away and they always stay on the line with kind words of encouragement until [EMT’s] arrives. Life Alert have been a great asset to me ever since I’ve had it. Thank God for Life Alert.


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