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We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My father is 95 and fell in the garage and broke his hip. My mother is 93 and they both still live in the house alone. I got Life Alert for them because they refuse to leave and move into assisted living. I (daughter) live in another state, Life Alert called me several times to let me know what was happing. They were great.

T.M., Saint Pete Beach, FL

My mom had slipped off her bed and she couldn’t get up. I immediately had her press her Life Alert button and the operator was very patient and had EMS come out. The guys were very nice and professional. Thank you all so much for the service provided, I am her youngest daughter and we live together. I try to take care of her the best I can.

C.G., Elgin, TX

I developed a severe intestinal infection and was quite ill. I fought it for 2 ½ days and called Life Alert just in time. They were wonderful and the dispatcher stayed with me during this time I fell. She was with me until help arrived. Thanks a million!

R.H., Cherry Hill, NJ

I slipped off my bed onto the floor, and could not get up! Life Alert answered my pendant call, and was here on the call with me until police got into my apartment and was able to lift me right up! I was glad I was alright! I did not have to go to the hospital! So glad I have Life Alert!!

J.L., Vandalia, OH

I had gotten up to get a cold drink. I had my safe in front of my table. I forgot it was there – I tripped and fell over it. I landed on my left knee. I was in severe pain. I had my Life Alert with me (thank goodness). The person I spoke to stayed with me. He sent an ambulance and police to my door.

B.R., Saint Croix Falls, WI

I had an uncontrollable nose bleed. I take Warfarin (blood thinner) for blood clots. My INR is usually around 2.3 but it went to 7.2 – that is why I had a nose bleed from 3:30pm to 4am. Hospital couldn’t stop the bleeding so they sent me to another hospital for overnight. As for Life Alert, as usual, they did an excellent job and they even stayed on line till the paramedics got there. Life Alert even gave my information to the paramedics. Life Alert is always wonderful to me.

W.D., Gallatin, MO

I fell and I knew I could not get up. I pushed my Life Alert button, told what had happened. She [Life Alert dispatcher] informed me that an ambulance was on its way and she would remain on the phone until they arrived. The ambulance took me to the hospital where I was told I had fractured my right hip. After surgery, I was transferred to a skilled hospital where I am receiving physical therapy.

F.E., Scranton, PA

My blood pressure was extremely high, so I hit my Life Alert button and the operator stayed on the line with me until the rescue squad arrived and took me to the emergency room. I’m very happy to have Life Alert in my home. Thanks for responding so quickly.

V.T., Beaufort, SC

My dad fell trying to get to the bathroom early one morning. Life Alert tried calling me, my phone was on silent. They went ahead and dispatched help and the paramedics were in there helping my dad before I realized what was happening. There are no words to say how much I appreciate Life Alert. Not sure how we can function without them.

E.H., Madison, MS

Due to pains in my chest, I pushed the Life Alert button. Within 8-9 minutes, an EMS unit arrived to take me to the hospital. Life Alert worked for me once again.

F.E., Euclid, OH

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