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We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Within days of activation, my new Life Alert button saved my life. I fell down in my den on Sunday evening, May 13, 2018. Unable to get on my feet after some 30 minutes of attempts, I was fortunate in possessing a Life Alert button. Five fire fighters soon arrived. I agreed in going to the hospital emergency room, having a CT scan and MRI upon arrival. This was followed by a second MRI, then by surgery on early Wednesday morning to excise a large meningioma tumor on top of my skull. This has left a horseshoe scar pattern on my head. I stayed in the hospital and rehabilitation hospital for three weeks, from Sunday to Saturday receiving speech, occupation, and rehabilitation therapies at my home. At this time, I have returned to walking some 60 minutes in my neighborhood, unassisted by a cane or walker.

J.G., Indianapolis, IN

I was weeding my flower bed. I lost my balance and fell. I hit my head on a gardening tool which caused my head to bleed. The lady on the phone was pleasant. Terrific response of the ambulance team. I am very grateful.

J.R., Danville, PA

I was pulling weeds out of the flower beds, and I was sitting on a stool and I got too close to the edge. When I started to get up, I lost my balance and fell off. I have supplementary arthritis and I couldn’t get up on my own. Neighbors were gone and I had to call Life Alert. [The paramedics] helped me up and wanted to see if I needed to go to the hospital. I said no.

M.J., Dixon, MO

I was having chest pain and high anxiety. It started in the A.M. on and off. The chest pain was not strong during the whole day until late in the evening. It seemed to get a little stronger and I was now having neck pain down to the shoulder. I decided I should not let this go yet it took me more than 2 hours to call. I did not want to bother them. I did call [Life Alert] and my heart EKG was normal. I had my first panic attack. I have been seeing a counselor which helps me. The fire department are great and kind. Amen to that.

I.R., Henderson, NV

My mother suffers from back pain (always has) – severe deteriorating spine, right side was bad now the left side was severely painful. I (daughter) was at her apartment and thought she should go to the hospital ER. And I knew I was not able to get her in the car, so I pressed her Life Alert and everyone was very helpful.

S.N., Camp Hill, PA

Each time I have used Life Alert services they have been courteous and helpful and always followed through with phone calls afterwards to make sure all is well or if any additional services are necessary. I highly recommend Life Alert.

A.F., Fredericksburg, VA

All my experiences with Life Alert have been excellent. Not one problem. I have used it a lot. Even when I have just called on my GPS when I am walking in a dark area and want an “escort” to my car. One time, I thought I was being followed by a man when in a Metro parking lot, so I called Life Alert on my GPS box [phone], and a dispatcher talked to me all the way to my car. I figured if I needed help, I’d already be connected! She was wonderful and I felt calmer during the walk.

L.J., Reston, VA

I was very impressed at the prompt response when my mother fell and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. The response was quick and the Life Alert dispatcher stayed on the line. I was very impressed and grateful for mom’s prompt care.

A.S., Rolette, ND

Dad was outside in the flower garden, when he fell. He was face down, in the dirt, on a hot summer day. He was able to push his Life Alert and call for help. This truly saved his life, as we would not have known of his fall until we called late at night to check on him. Bless you all!

E.R., Dagsboro, DE

I pushed my Life Alert, I knew something was wrong with me. The emergency came and took me to the hospital. TIA. Life Alert helped. Thank you!

E.F., Mount Washington, KY

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