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We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I am 87 and live alone. I was outside when I lost my balance and fell over. The time was late afternoon, the temperature dropping and no one could hear me, so I pressed the Life Alert button and hoped. Soon I heard the sirens and knew the EMT’s were on their way. I could hear them and called until they heard me and came around to the back and stood me up. They made sure I was okay and left, but Life Alert not only notified my children, who called me, they also called me back to be sure I was okay. Thanks!

N.L., Tucson, AZ

In my moment of despair and pain, I called Life Alert, and within minutes help arrived, and they were fast and alert to take care of me. I feel safe, and am happy to know that my membership to Life Alert is the best friend I have. I am not alone anymore.

I.L., Kissimmee, FL

I fell down and couldn’t get up. Life Alert was here within 20 minutes, checked my vitals, made sure I was okay, and carefully lifted me up to a chair nearby. They didn’t leave until they were sure I was okay. They were very fast, very careful, and very polite, and I was very impressed.

R.H., Deerfield Beach, FL

I was sound asleep when I fell out of bed, and when I fall I can’t get up. My two sons were here but they have back problems. I told Life Alert so when they sent help, they sent three men on the squad which was great as I weight 250. I didn’t need to go to the hospital but was thankful for the help as I’m 83 years old.

D.J., Zanesfield, OH

I walked outside without my door keys. It was raining and I couldn’t find a neighbor at home. I sat in my car and thought of my Life Alert button. I pushed it several times. A few minutes later, a fire truck and ambulance arrived. I told them what happened and a fireman used a tool to unlock my door. Thank you so much!

S.G., New Albany, IN

I cannot say enough about Life Alert. My dad has been living alone since moms passing so I set him up with Life Alert. He fell and busted his head open. Life Alert was prompt and took great measures as my dad is hearing impaired and fell in his office, so the dispatcher calmed him – sent fast response, and contacted me 2hrs away, and all emergency contacts. She stayed on phone with him, and explained and calmed me. Awesome dispatcher!!

S.M., Tehama, CA

I fell in my kitchen Dec 13, 2018, my pendant was around my neck, thankful for Life Alert, I called for help. I broke my wrist real bad. I went to the hospital. They had to operate on my wrist. I’m doing better now. Thank you, Life Alert.

M.D., Gretna, LA

Mother felt faint; couldn’t catch breath, called Life Alert, paramedics were called, arrived within 10 minutes, transported mom to emergency room after taking vitals & asking questions to evaluate issues. Life Alert stayed on line until they spoke to paramedics.

B.C., Memphis, TN

My mom had numerous emergency situations with police and fire rescue. Life Alert stayed on the line with her until assistance arrived while also alerting my brother and myself. One night my mom was missing and Life Alert worked with police. They continuously contacted us until my mom was located.

E.A., Riverside, RI

I had breathing problems at night, called Life Alert. They contacted local ambulance who picked me up in a very short time and took me to the nearest hospital. Diagnoses: heart failure due to leaking Mitral heart valve. I was sent to the medical center. My cardiologist performed two heart surgeries. Both were unsuccessful due to too much calcium accumulations at the heart. I must take very much medicine daily.

H.R., Camp Hill, PA

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